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Piotrków Trybunalski
Logistic City
Logistic City is located in the very center of Poland. The warehouses are situated at the outskirts of PiotrkówTrybunalski, directly on expressways E67 and E75 (Warsaw –Katowice, Warsaw -Wrocław), along expressway S8, close to the A1 motorway, and directly on the S12 expressway, which connects western and eastern Poland.
REINO IO Łódź is located in Widzew District, a neighbourhood situated on the eastern fringe of the city, 11 km from Lodz city center. Widzew is the most industrialized part of Lodz with strong presence of manufacturers such as Dell, GE Power Controls and Hutchinson that have attracted a multitude of …
REINO IO Sosnowiec
Park Sosnowiec is located on Innowacyjna street in the eastern part of Sosnowiec called Maczki Bor. The site is located along the S1 Expressway, a dual carriageway road that connects with the A4 motorway at the Myslowice Junction 12 km south of the site.
REINO IO Bielsko-Biała
REINO IO Bielsko-Biała is situated in Mazańcowice, 1.8 km north of the S1 Expressway, part of the S1/S69 bypass surrounding Bielsko-Biała and providing access to city center within a 10-minute drive.
REINO IO Rzeszów
The asset is located in Jasionka, Rzeszow’s northern district situated 10 km north of Rzeszow city centre, by the A4 motorway and the S19 Expressway. Jasionka is part of the S1 subzone of the Aeropolis SEZ, Poland’s largest aviation hub.
The properties are located in Koninko, Gądki municipality on Skladowa street by the S11 expressway, circa 5 km from the A2/S11 junction and 17 km from Poznan city. Due to the vicinity to key roads, the micro location is the main industrial and logistics hub in the region, hosting numerous parks logistic HUB.